Nov 10, 2014
TRU Actors Workshop Theatre Presents: The Best of Everything
By Julie Kramer Adapted from the bestselling novel by Rona Jaffe A 2012 adaptation of Rona Jaffe’s 1958 bestseller about ambitious secretaries working in the typing pool of a New York pulp fiction publishing company. These girls want thrilling careers and exciting adventures — and husbands and children and lingerie and casserole recipes. . . .
Oct 29, 2014
Dwellings Talk Series: Wildlife in the City
Where we live—and how we inhabit that space—shapes our experiences, our culture, and even who we are. Each month, the Dwellings Talk Series invites you to join a conversation about the idea of “dwellings” from three distinct perspectives: urban ecology, youth homelessness, and urban design. On November 8, meet Metro Vancouver . . .
Oct 24, 2014
Creative BC and the BC Arts Council
The Arts Innovation Fund is a partnership between Creative BC and the BC Arts Council. The program is intended to encourage arts and culture organizations to collaborate with digital media creators on projects that engage audiences in new and innovative ways. The applicant must be a BC based not for profit arts . . .
Oct 19, 2014
A Mask Anthology — Nelson, BC
In 1993 Ron Robinson constructed his first mask from “low fire” clay using an African theme. While in Alberta, he was part of a 3 artist show “Mainly Masks”, sponsored by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Alberta Society of Artists. The show toured Alberta for 2 years. Masks seem to . . .
Oct 17, 2014
Sharing Our Stories: Preserving Multicultural Histories on the North Shore
Sharing Our Stories: Preserving Multicultural Histories on the North Shore North Vancouver has undergone many changes in recent years, especially with the diversity of people residing in our community. The exhibit Sharing Our Stories features oral histories and memory boxes highlighting the experiences of some of our Canadian Iranian residents. They speak . . .
Oct 16, 2014
The North Vancouver Museum & Archives seeks an experienced and energetic individual to work with the Education staff to coordinate the event, “Sea to Sky Regional Heritage Fair Celebration”. Responsibilities include promotion and registration of school groups, a community sponsorship program and coordinating educational activities for students and the community. The . . .

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